Kokyo Tatemono's activities are not confined to real estate alone. Today, our independent and flexible approach is leading to extensions of our network through a variety of corporate affiliates both in Japan and overseas. For example, in China, we have won orders for many projects involving building management, cleaning and security operations for large scale commercial properties and factories commissioned by Japanese affiliated companies and government organizations. In Sri Lanka, another affiliate is producing high quality ceramic products for worldwide export. In New Zealand, an associated company is at work on the development of resort facilities, while still another affiliate is engaged in forestry cultivation in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. By maintaining close links with these subsidiaries and affiliates, and expanding our sources of information, we remain committed to carrying out our work with a global perspective - always ensuring that people themselves will play the leading role in determining the character of their own living space.  
Dankotuwa Porcelain Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
  Business activities : Manufacture of ceramics products
General Lasertronics Corporation (USA San Jose, CA)
  Business activities: Research & development, production and sales of laser-based
coatings removal technologies and products
The Imperial Enterprises, Inc. (Japan)
  Business activities: Direct marketing of ceramics,
ornamental jewelry and other products for collectors
The IEI Corporation (USA Princeton, NJ)
  Business activities: Direct marketing and product
development for collectors
Kokyo Logistics Co., Ltd.(Japan)
  Business activities: Packing,Storage
Japan Medical Services, Inc.(Japan)
  Consultation of medicare businesses
Nonprofit Organization
NPO Japan Medics Support(Japan)
  Activities: Support foreign candidates to obtain Japanese medical/welfare related qualifications.