Our activities are devoted to meeting the demands of present and potential clients, whilst simultaneously creating an efficient, functional and pleasant space in which clients can either carry out their work or domestic living. Beyond the construction of commercial buildings and residential apartments, Kokyo Tatemono deploys leasing, sales and brokerage operations for each individual unit.

Our leasing operations are conducted for both our own properties, and for many others, serving as exclusive agents.

As for sales operations, we are now participating in the development of detached housing and residential apartments within urban and suburban locations.

Furthermore, we are focusing on consulting operations to work closely with property owners in assisting them to make the most effective use of their assets.

Kokyo Tatemono will constantly strive to provide high-quality residential apartments and detached housing through each of the aforementioned operations, under the brand name of "Le Monde".

Office Building Operations
Residential Apartment Operations
Consulting Operations
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Office Buildings
Residential Houses
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  2. Condominium Apartments
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