@ Kokyo Tatemono was founded in 1935, and began by constructing, managing and leasing a large number of houses in various overseas locations. Since that time, we have accumulated a considerable reservoir of knowledge in all areas of real estate operations. During the 1950's we initiated such new concepts as more effective utilization of properties designated for government ministry usage. Further success was realized through the proposed concept to share ownership of a building with NTT - a revolutionary idea at the time. A number of the buildings we have constructed came to be seen as pioneering new ideas. Entering the 21st century, we have been significantly expanding our portfolio as a comprehensive real estate company, for example through the development of large-scale urban spaces. @
Feb.1935 Established as Kotoku Kogyo Co., Ltd., with offices at Kyobashi in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, for the purpose of leasing, purchasing and sales of real estate. Founder: Taro YAMASHITA Initial Subscribed (Paid-in) Capital: \6 million.
Nov.1945 Changed company name to Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Two subsequent increases in capital brought total capitalization to \100 million by Oct. 1960.
April.1953 Established Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. as affiliated company with activities including construction, leasing, purchase and sales of property. Initial Sabscribed (Paid-in) Capital: \300 million.
Dec.1954 Completed construction of "Sannomiya Denden Building", representative of the commencement of our first office building leasing operations
Jul.1970 Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd. marged with Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., taking the latter's title. Operating capital: \379 million.
Mar.1988 "Le Monde Nishinomiya", representative of the commencement of our first residential apartment leasing operations.
Feb.1992 Demolished "Chiyoda Denden Building" and constructed "Otemachi 1st Square(West Tower)", commenced leasing operations.
Jul.1996 Completed construction of "Le Monde Fuchu", representative of the commencement of our first residential apartment sales operations.
Sept.1996 Completed construction of "Le Monde Goko", representative of the commencement of our first detached house sales operations.
Jun.2003 Participation in planning of "Kasumigaseki R7 Project".
Sep.2007 The completion of "Kasumigaseki Common Gate" and commenced leasing operations.
Mar.2021 Participation in planning of "Uchisaiwaicho 1-Chome district development Project".